Sep 12, 2011

Joe Cole on loan to Lille

Football News Update
Joe Cole were undergoing the early days of borrowing from Liverpool to Lille.
Cole, who spent his first season with Liverpool with an injury plagued many not be an option to be played by Kenny Dalglish this season. Moreover, the Reds had a plentiful stock of midfield.
Cole had to be "pulled" up to France, where he was loaned to Ligue 1 champions last season, Lille. Whose name the new club shirts, of course, need adaptation.

So far, the former Chelsea midfielder admitted, adaptation runs smoothly. Some players can speak English so well that he did not feel strange. Instead, Cole is also determined to launch his French.
"Players here speaks good English. David Rozehnal, who played for Newcastle, helped me a lot," said Cole in The Sun.
"Captain Rio Mavuba also speak English very well. We also have named Nigeria goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama who also spoke perfect English."
"I want to blend in, I want to learn the language here. I've studied French for five years at school and could only say" bonjour "and" au revoir ", so I tried to blend in with it."

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