Oct 12, 2011

Ashley Cole Spend the Night With Twins Playboy Model

Football News Update,

Chelsea defender Ashley Cole left wing did not seem to be living far away with a pretty girl whose name, a few days ago, Ashley Cole caught went to the Playboy club in London.
That night, Ashley called asking two girls playboy redhead who happens twin sister Carla and Melissa Howe to accompany him privately on his desk.
Cole very entertained with the dance called the two, one source of The Sun leaked "The two girls were kept surrounded him, and he seems happy about it,"

"The girls did not even leave Ashley all night, they gave a lap dance for Ashley and it seems that he did not believe the service could double."

"Ashley's eyes stay glued on the two, Ashley was whispering the words to both, and then the twins are directly grinning broadly,"

"Ashley came accompanied by the West Ham striker, Carlton Cole. Then both left the club at 3 in the night, then the two girls seem to follow though with a separate cab," close the sources of The Sun.

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