Nov 18, 2011

Want to lead the match referee should include a Police Certificate

Football News Update,

German Football Association (DFB) broke new ground to avoid legal problems and deviation in taxes by the court their gridiron.

Starting next season, each referee must have a certificate of good conduct, from the German police if it is to be trusted to lead the game.
This is to mengindarkan issue of tax evasion, which became a scandal in Germany today.

German tax authorities revealed a number of cases and there are allegations that the referee did not pay his taxes after an audit.
"For next season, a certificate from the police will be required to be able to assign referees and assistants in carrying out its obligations," the DFB said in a statement.
It is said that the tax authorities have contacted the 49 referees and assistants who are still on duty, whether or referee in the Bundesliga second division. Of the 49 who testified, 42 certainly is no longer included in the investigation.
While seven other cases are still involved and will do in-depth investigation, say the DFB.

Quoted from : GOAL

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