Nov 15, 2011

Coutinho Philippe interest Liverpool

Football News Update,

Liverpool reportedly interested in the young midfielder Inter Milan at Anfield in Philippe Coutinho next January transfer window.
As reported by the Liverpool Echo, on Monday (14/11/2011), the director of football Damien Louiscomolli red wants to enter the Brazilian Player, the young team in a row of Kenny Dalglish as Jordan Henderson, Coates and Andy Carroll.
The desire Comolli will easily be realized, as Inter Milan coach, Claudio Ranieri has stated that he would receive a club that wants to get Coutinho in the transfer market next winter.

Players 19 years, had appeared in several matches in the senior team of Inter, the Nerazzurri are still coached by Rafael Benitez. However, after Benitez was fired from the Inter coaching chair, Coutinho began seldom revealed by Ranieri. "As is known, since imported from club Vasco Da Gama, Coutinho was mentioned as a potential young midfielder Serie A. Unfortunately, he must embrace the injury, and performance is less than the maximum in the U-20 World Cup, he was expelled from the core including the Inter squad.

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