Sep 11, 2011

Manchester United win over Bolton Wanderers by a score of 5-0

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Successfully brought MU 5-0 win away to Bolton Wanderers cage.
The whole goal is successfully scored front-line duo filled Chicharito (at minutes 4 and 59) and Rooney (minutes 20, 25 and 68).
Rooney scored a hat trick in two weeks this season after scoring a hat trick yesterday nevertheless.
"Our rapid counterattack in front to make trouble and disturb them and it is a good start (to score quickly), a good start for any game," Ferguson said, commenting on the win as reported by the BBC.
Manchester United victory over Bolton to make your position at the top of the standings Premiere League.
Wayne in a great performance today, he obviously was fit 100% and looks very sharp. He and Chicharito a threat on the opposite sides today. "

"He's fit, he's strong and he can play every day. I think he's beginning to mature now. He was 25 years old and he was in the year where I always felt a player will always be at the right time, the appropriate authority and he is now in a controlled situation now, "continued Fergi.
Fergie also specifically lauds Hernandez's first goal. Nani grabbed the bait its action from the right side shows the instincts and speed of the striker Mexicans.

"The first goal was absolutely fantastic Hernandez, movement and speed to meet a cross that was brilliant, we knew he was good with a movement like that and he became a real threat for the defenders," complete Fergie.

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