Sep 22, 2011

Forcing Barcelona Valencia draw 2-2 at the Mestalla.

Barcelona failed to take full points from a trip to Valencia home. Coming from behind twice, Barcelona able to draw against Valencia 2-2.

Although Barca had the ball since the early minutes of the match but Valencia able to offset the Barcelona game, proved on 12 minutes early, Valencia managed to gain the advantage. The goal was obtained through an own goal by Eric Abidal.
Two minutes later Barca responded immediately through a counter-attack and Lionel Messi, who holds the ball, sent to Pedro on the left side and Barcelona managed an equalizer for a 1-1.
The game then becomes more open. Barca had the opportunity in the 20th minute. Messi left-foot shot but could still be saved by Guaita.

Entering the 23rd minute, Barca goalkeeper Victor Valdes who was escorted back to concede a goal. Pablo Hernandez kick goal against Barca sunk instantly and make temporal Valencia 2-1 ahead.
2-1 score lasted until the first round is finished.
Entering the second half Barcelona Valencia continues to attack defenses. Pep Guardiola to replace Pedro's David Villa. While Adriano Correia signed to replace Seydou Keita. While Carles Puyol was replaced by Thiago.
Formation changes and substitutions are made ​​Guardiola Barcelona turned out to make an attack is growing.
The 77th minute Barcelona managed to score through their new players Cesc Fabregas, directional After getting feedback from Messi, who was then refined with a touch of his left foot.
Score became 2-2 to Barcelona and Valencia.
Valencia is actually trying to retaliate. In the 79th minute, the business of Ever Banega still be driven. While Barca could also get a chance. He was minutes before the end of normal time, Barca had the opportunity through the Villa and Messi. Unfortunately, the chances of both players Barca can still be anticipated well by the goalkeeper of Valencia.

Valencia had to lose his defender in extra time, after losing Jordi Alba in a red card the referee gave Barcelona a chance to add a goal with the advantages of the number of players, but until the game is finished a draw both teams keep playing primarily to the final score 2-2.

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