Sep 26, 2011

The first victory AS.Roma

Football News Update,

Luis Enrique admitted his team were satisfied with the performance of AS Roma after a successful first victory this season with beat Parma 1-0 in the advanced Italian Serie A on Sunday (25 / 9).

AS.Roma began its inaugural season with only gain a victory of some serie A matches and European leagues.
Advanced entertain Parma in Serie A, Roma started the good results this season with a victory over Parma.
Since the beginning of the game Rome immediately took the initiative to attack the defense Parma.Daniele De Rossi was assigned to build an attack from the back line, but wants Enrique to this role is not so apparent in the match.

While Parma threatening through balls to die, like the corner kick which was met Sebastian Giovinco Alessandro Lucarelli in the early minutes. The ball flew over the crossbar thin Bogdan Lobont.

Rome's inability to build attack in the final third of the field Francesco Totti making more frequent long-distance kick off. Once chance, the ball is not driven Antonio Mirante clean. Before achieved Pablo Osvaldo, Mirante swiftly to secure the ball rebounds.
Before the first round matches completed the Romans managed to score a goal and bring Roma winning 1-0 over Parma.
Position 1-0 to Roma last until the long whistle. Roma will face Atalanta in Serie A follow-up weekend.

This is the first victory for coach Luis Enrique Rome this season.
"I am very satisfied. This first victory we achieved in the face of tough teams are still able to harm our goal until the last minute game," said Enrique quoted as saying by Football-italia. "I feel happy for the players, the supporters of Rome, soccer and also the final result is achieved," he added.
"Football is that I apply is about playing well and scored. That's what my concern over this. I believe we should be able to cope with the game better," he added.
"Since the team is desperate to win, so we felt a little frightened when they conceded after the match had the lead. That was the match against Siena in the middle of last week," he continued.
"Compared with last match, this time we were passing the ball quicker. I remember in the previous game when we also have good ball control. But we wanted to try something different, so as to give us better opportunities to score," he said.
Competition in Serie A this season is quite tough and balanced, because both Rome and Milan, is now three points adrift from the helm of Serie A standings, Juventus, who collected eight points.
"I realized that Serie A teams capable of beating any other team. Atalanta will be our next opponents and they will be in the position of the top league if they do not get a reduction of six points," said Enrique.
"They are certainly a strong opponent and we have to show the best that we can back supporters celebrate victory," he concluded.

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