Sep 21, 2011

Edinson Cavani hunted Barcelona

Football News Update,

Cavani be hunted big clubs of Europe, Like Barcelona and Real Madrid also want to get the signature player who currently plays for Napoli.

Cavani has actually been the target Madrid last summer. Notch 33 goals in all competitions during the season to be selling points Cavani time. Cavani but still opted to stay in Naples. But now seems to turn the enemy attempting to overtake Madrid get Cavani. Reportedly, the Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola has started to Cavani melirikkan views before deciding to enter the transfer market this summer.
But the offer to play for the team as grand as Barcelona or Real Madrid would be difficult to resist. And Cavani is believed to be the right person for the Blaugrana players in uniform than Madrid.

Reported Itasportpress, Wednesday, September 21, 2011, Guardiola target Cavani will be brought in next summer. And hope Barca have 24 year old striker also had the support of important figures Roberto Donadoni.
According to the figure who coached Napoli in 2009, the Cavani considered to be ideal to play with Barcelona. "Cavani meet all the requirements and to play as a team," said Donadoni.
"That's the big difference between him (Cavani) with other players. He always gave service to the team, as did every player of Barcelona. All winners, all making sacrifices," added Donadoni.

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